Discabi is currently in an Alpha Phase; during both the Alpha and Beta phases of Discabi, coupons will be available for a limited time.

Phase #1: Alpha

The following coupons are currently active and correspond to either a Monthly Subscription plan or a Yearly Subscription Plan. Each coupon is valid for 500 uses (each) or on March 15, 2019 (whichever occurs first). Coupons for a Monthly Subscription will be valid for 12 Individual Monthly Payments. Coupons for a Yearly Subscription will be valid for a single Yearly Payment.

ALPHA20MO – 20% Discount for Monthly Subscription Plans!

ALPHA20YR – Special 20% Discount for Yearly Subscription Plans!

Phase #2: Beta

The Beta Phase for Discabi is scheduled to begin production and be launched within 2019, early 2020 at the latest.

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