What is Discabi?

Discabi is the result of merging the idea of a Business Directory with a solution to provide low-cost options for establishing an online presence. The primary service Discabi offers is the micro-websites that small businesses can obtain with either a Silver or Gold Subscription Package. You will find more information on the micro-websites in the question “What is a micro-website?”. The Business Directory aspect of Discabi requires enough listings (within the same radius) to be viable and will be something we expand upon as the number of listings grow.

What is a micro-website?

Like a traditional website, a micro-site provides all of the information that a consumer may need to determine whether or not to choose a business (when finding a business online). A Discabi mirco-website provides all of the business information within a single page. While many websites also provide information in a single page, we use the term micro-site as all of the micro-sites are contained within Discabi.

Do I still need a website if I have a Discabi micro-website?

The micro-website (obtained from Discabi) is not intended to be a permanent stand-in for a traditional website. The micro-websites are designed for small businesses, who need an online presence, but cannot specifically afford to have a traditional website developed for them. As the small business grows, the micro-website will not provide the same options that can be found within a traditional website.

What is “Alpha” Phase?

Alpha Phase is the current stage that Discabi is in. Discabi is currently a minimum viable product, meaning it has the bare essencials to make it viable for marketability. As Discabi grows in the number of business listings, the revenue generated will be reinvested to begin the next stage of Discabi. That next stage will be the Beta Phase.

What is “Beta” Phase?

The Beta Phase is the next step in Discabi’s development plan. This phase will include a complete re-build of the entire platform, focusing on improving performance, functionality, and preparing Discabi for large-scale growth. Discabi’s growth will be small-scale during the Alpha Phase (targeting 2,500 to 5,000 listings as a limit). Development of the Beta Phase will take several months and will bring a massive overhaul to Discabi.

Planned Features include: Listing Styles (select one of our predefined styles for your business listing), Upgrade/Downgrade Subscriptions (currently not straight-forward), Bulk Pricing (discounts for multiple listings), and more!


Why are there different Subscription Packages?

Discabi’s primary objective is to be a highly accurate Business Directory, which provides consumers with the information they are actually looking for. While the micro-website can provide consumers with viable information, not every listing will need to be a micro-website. For example: If a business has multiple locations (which mirror each other), they only need 1 micro-website and the other listings can be simple listings that link to the listing that is a micro-website. The various Subscription Packages will allow us to provide businesses with options that fit their specific needs.

What is the difference between Free, Bronze, Silver, and Gold?

Free: This is a very basic listing that does not come with any of the “micro-website” tabs. A Free Listing is beneficial for businesses who just want to add their listing to our Business Directory.

Bronze: This is an extended listing that adds the “Our Products” and “Our Services” tabs. A Bronze Listing is beneficial for businesses who have a website but want to provide a bit more information within our Business Directory.

Silver: This is a micro-website listing that opens up all of the micro-website tabs (About, Products, Services, Our Team, Gallery, and Holiday Hours). A Silver Listing is beneficial for businesses who do not have a website and want to use Discabi to establish their online presence.

Gold: This is fundamentally the same as a Silver Listing; however, Gold Listings are features on other listings (Free, Bronze, and Silver) as a “Related Business” and do not have “Related Businesses” shown on their listing. In addition, these listings are “Featured”; which means they will show up first within the Business Directory. A Gold Listing is beneficial for any business and is our recommended package.

What is a Founder Package?

The Founder Subscription Package is a Special Offer that is/was available between the Launch of Discabi to March 15, 2019. Anyone who creates/created a listing between that window of time is/was able to select the Limited Time offer. The Founder Package provides all of the same benefits of a Gold Package, with a unique style for the Business Directory. As long as the Subscription Package is maintained, the business receives a 35% discount when compared to the Gold Package. As Discabi continues to grow, additional benefits will be added specifically for businesses that maintain the Founder Package. Lastly, the package covers up to 5 listings (instead of just 1).

Can I upgrade/downgrade my subscription?

Currently, the functionality is limited with regards to upgrades/downgrades; however, it is still technically possible. Whether you prefer to upgrade or downgrade, simply click on the shopping cart icon (at the top of the page) and select the package you would like to upgrade/downgrade to. When you purchase a Subscription Package this way, it is not tied to any specific listing. Once you have purchased the new package, navigate to “Your Listings” and edit the listing you would like to upgrade/downgrade. Select the new Subscription Package and save your listing.

Once this is done, navigate to “Orders”, click the “View” button near the order you made for the original subscription package. On that page you will see “Related Subscription”, click the “View” button; under “Actions” you will see “Cancel”. Click on that button to cancel the previous subscription.

We plan on making upgrading/downgrading more simplified for the “Beta” version of Discabi. If you need any assistance, please send us an email and we will be happy to assist.


Do I need to supply an address for my listing?

Generally this question is asked by people who run home-based businesses. The answer is no, you do not need to supply your full address. Within the “Restrict Information” tab, there will be an option for “Restrict Location”. We still recommend you provide the city, state, and zip code (ex. Princeton, WV 24740) within the “Location” input field. When you check “Restrict Location”, the “Get Directions” link will disappear from your listing. Please note that if you enter your full address, the “Pin” on the map (within your listing) will still be pointed to the location you have provided.

Why are there no listings in my area?

While any business can create a listing, regardless of their location, Discabi is fixating on specific areas to target growth on a smaller scale. Discabi is starting within an 8 county radius within the southern region of West Virginia. We are focusing our efforts on building the business directory to be viable within that region. As Discabi grows, we will continue to expand our efforts to naturally grow to support other counties and eventually the entire United States. We are primarily focusing on our micro-website offering, to build up enough businesses to make Discabi viable as a business directory.

Are businesses verified before they show up on Discabi?

We do not currently have a “Verification Process” to determine the legitimacy of the business listings found within our directory. Many states do not require sole proprietorships to register with the state, unless the business needs to collect sales tax or meet other criteria to require registration. If we do implement a “Verification Process”, we would add two badges (Verified and Unverified) and require the business provide us with their Business Registration Certificate to be verified. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we will implement business verification or when it may be implemented if we do.

What can I do if my business is listed, but I did not list the business?

You would need to contact us and supply us with the link to the business listing as well as proof that you are the owner (or an authorized agent) of the business. Once you meet our requirements for proof, we will reach out to the person who listed the business and ask them for the same proof. If the person who submitted the listing is unable to prove they are the owner of the business (or an authorized agent), then we will remove the listing in question. If the person who listed the business can prove they are the owner (or an authorized agent) of the business they listed, then we won’t take any action. It may be possible that two businesses (within the same area) share the same name; if that is the case, we cannot take any action.

What can I do if I was ripped off by a business I found on Discabi?

Discabi does not get involved in disputes between a consumer and a business. While we provide a platform that enables consumers to find businesses, that is the extent of our involvement. We recommend consumers perform research on any and all businesses, before engaging in a relationship with a business. In this scenario, we recommend consulting with an attorney to see if your may have any legal options available to you.


I cannot see the review that I left for a business, where is it?

Discabi is not intended to be a “Review” website, the “Reviews” (which can be left for certain businesses) is intended to work more like “Testimonials”. Testimonials are intended to be a positive review and businesses are provided the functionality to moderate the reviews left for their business. It is exclusively up to the business as to what reviews they choose to approve to be shown on their business listing.

Can I take a review off of Discabi and add it to my website?

We highly recommend that you reach out to the person who left the review and ask them directly if they would mind if you used their review (as a testimonial) on your website. While the review is “public”, the person who left it can always ask us to remove the review (if they later change their mind about it). It is our recommendation that you only do so with the explicit approval of the person who left the review.

How can I accurately gauge a business if they only approve positive reviews?

We understand that allowing the business to choose which reviews are approved can potentially skew the perception of the business. Discabi is not intended to be a “Review” website and we do not specifically want our platform to be used specifically to compare various businesses. Discabi is intended to allow consumers to find businesses that they are looking for, but it is still up to the consumer to research those businesses before engaging in business with them.


Do you offer bulk pricing (discounts for multiple listings)?

We do not offer bulk pricing through the Subscriptions purchased through the website. At this time, each Subscription Package is limited to 1 listing; once a Subscription Package is connected to a listing, it cannot be connected to any other listing. If you are looking to obtain 10 or more listings, please contact us to work out an offline payment arrangement to provide a discount for multiple listings. There is a one-time set-up fee of $100 for an offline payment arrangement and you will be invoiced on the recurring basis that both parties agree to.

What forms of payment does Discabi accept?

Currently, Discabi only accepts Credit Card payments. We intend to add other methods of payment (such as PayPal and Checks), but cannot guarantee when those forms of payments will be implemented. Contact us if you would like to use an alternative form of payment and plan to establish a Yearly Subscription. Unfortunately, we cannot accept alternative forms of payment for Monthly Subscriptions – at this time.