Discabi.com offers a simple way to connect consumers with businesses. Businesses can take a step back from marketing their business, so they can focus on their services or products. Consumers can explore, search, or discover businesses with our easy to use service.

1. Create an Account

Consumers are free to use Discabi.com without creating an account. However, some businesses may choose to conceal information from being publicly viewed, which will require an account to view. Creating an account with Discabi.com is easy!

2. Submit Your Listing

Submitting a listing to Discabi.com is super simple. Currently, Discabi.com is in an alpha stage certain features/functionality are limited based on the Subscription package selected (and may be subject to change). Once enough businesses have joined Discabi, we will begin promoting the Business Directory side of Discabi for consumers to find businesses. Future plans are to create a platform that will help generate real leads for a large array of businesses.

We are aiming to sign up as many businesses as possible to help us simplify the way businesses, industries, and services are defined. We will expand upon our current features (within the next 3 to 6 months) to continue providing more value to businesses who list with Discabi.com.

3. Generate Leads for your Business

Discabi.com offers several ways for consumers to find businesses. Consumers can explore by using our Map Tool, to see the businesses around their areas. They can search for specific businesses, industries, or services, when they know what they are looking for. Lastly, we plan to build a tool that will allow Discabi.com to recommend businesses (to consumers) that meet their specific criteria.

With our upcoming Discover tool, we can produce real leads for the businesses who list with us. Discabi.com is also great for businesses who do not have a website!

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